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beep boop [Jan. 6th, 2017|12:43 pm]
how are things, all you special human beings?

i am still mostly alive and making comics.

among other things:

(pins are the best)
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(no subject) [Sep. 16th, 2013|12:15 am]
I felt that this was big enough news to come visit LJ:

Life is like a Mullet
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Kind of a Big News Day [Mar. 25th, 2013|02:38 pm]
[Current Mood |erratic]
[Current Music |15 seconds of daft punk in a loop]

I haven't really used LJ for a while, but I've got a ton of stuff going on with my site today so I thought I'd say hi. (hiiiiii)


I took the day to work at home while waiting on some shipping supplies, so here's a ton of new stuff for you:

1.) I've taken Diesel Sweeties ad-free as of today. I've wanted to try running things a little differently do a while. Consider this Experiment #1. I don't know if it's sustainable in the long term, but enjoy it with my compliments.

2.) I'm doing a little spring cleaning Free shipping until Friday on all orders in the USA over $30!

spring cleaning free shipping in the usa

3.) There's a new shirt in the store! It's called "Robot Buddies Gleaming Paragons of Friendship." A nice fellow named James backed a reward in my Kickstarter last year to bring back a favorite t-shirt. We wound up combining and upgrading a Clango and Red Robot design into something I really like. It's black with three metallic inks and only available this week.

Robot Buddies Gleaming Paragons of Friendship Shirt

4.) I've just posted two more weeks of syndicated Diesel Sweeties comics from my time in newspapers. You can now read from January 22, 2007 through February 4, 2007 in full color for free.

pixel armageddon burning earth


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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2012|09:38 am]
I am the night

I am the BATS MAN

I am mostly on the twitters and los tumblkins lately. still not huge on the fecesbook.

How are you?
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to-ron-to [May. 2nd, 2011|10:57 pm]
TCAF this weekend! Let's wrestle, Canadians.
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beep boop still transmitting? [Apr. 8th, 2011|11:00 am]
[Current Mood |weenus]

anyone still out there? have all all our outposts been destroyed? robot-1, do you copy?

i'm mostly on twitter these days, but you probably knew that ... or have been assimilated.
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SPX & Orbital Lasers [Sep. 8th, 2010|05:28 pm]
[Current Mood |dorky]
[Current Music |Father's Grave - Melissa Auf Der Maur & Danzig]

Just FYI- I'm not going to be at SPX this year. Just taking the fall for other projects and cleaning up after an insane spring & summer. Hope to be back next year.

I will, however, be putting out a little internet minicomic either late tonight or early tomorrow. I'm editing about two months of strips into a story that tells the tale of Suzie shooting Clango with a laser. Long-time readers know the tale, but I think the presentation is a lot cleaner in this form.

Kudos to joltin' Johnny Allison for helping me quickly code it together this week.
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yolkin' around [Aug. 25th, 2010|12:29 am]
[Current Music |Bodies Hit The Floor - Girl Talk]

I can't stand people who start out in humor and get all SERIOUS as they get older. Like they want to be more IMPORTANT than a comedian.

I daresay there is nothing more important than making people laugh. Except maybe knowing how to field dress long pig in an apocalyptic situation.
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Living Weapons on a Budget [Aug. 19th, 2010|11:12 pm]
[Current Music |Breakfast Machine - DANNY ELFMAN]

Back when I was training subjects in the Discount Weapon X Program, all we needed was to put this song on repeat for a few days and then open the van in a crowded mall.

We didn't need any fancy healing factors or Adamantium. We got buy on PLUCK and GUMPTION.
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I AM THE NIGHT [Aug. 10th, 2010|09:26 pm]
[Current Music |Ninja Ninja Revolution (Bonus Track) - Dan the Automator]

oh wait, wrong movie.

very much enjoying the scott pilgrim score today. haven't heard the soundtrack yet, this is a separate album of actual mood and action music from the impending film of ultimate destruction.
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